About Us

Advance Design & Systems, LLC was established in 2004 by David A. Crawford Jr. as a provider of contract engineering services for the medical arena. We specialized in quick turns of mechanical designs for a single customer. In 2005 ADS started farming out the designs to be fabricated and the builds and then were brought back in house to be quality checked before shipping out to the customers. In 2006, at the request of our customers, the fabrication and assembly services were added in house, in an effort to control part quality and scheduling. With these machining capabilities, we were able to change priorities on projects based on our customers’ needs. Electrical Engineering was added in 2008, allowing for in‐house scheduling of integration and testing. ADS now has the capabilities to design, fabricate, and assemble high quality, automation projects and precision fixtures from start to finish.

In 2010 we doubled the facility size to expand shop capabilities and accommodate multiple simultaneous automation projects. Included with this build out we added a private bay for confidentiality customer projects. In 2012 we also added technicians that work side by side with our customers in their labs and R&D facilities. We continue yearly to add equipment and personnel to our shop, keeping with the idea to control quality and shorten lead times.



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