New Milltronics Plate Mill

Milltronics RH33 Plate Mill arrivedAdvance Design & Systems, LLC had a new arrival in the shop today.  A Milltronics plate mill was delivered today and we will be setting it up as early as we can next week.  ADS purchased the Milltonics model RH33 3 axis CNC bed mill with the travel size of 87″ x 33″ x 28″ and with a 8000 rpm 70mm spindle. This is one heavy duty machine, that will be able to handle all the large parts we are seeing for our customers.  The goal with this machine is to be more responsive and provide faster turn around on large plates. Take a look at our machine shop page for additional information on our full capabilities.

Milltronics RH33 Plate Mill

Picture courtesy of Milltronics web site




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