Precision Fixtures

ADS precision fixtureAccuracy and Repeatability, the two words that are said when talking about an Advanced Design & Systems LLC precision fixture. High tolerance precision fixtures will make you more efficient, more productive, and make your part cost less to produce. The quality of your product is a direct result of a long series of manufacturing processes and one bad set up in that process means poor quality. When you work with Advance Design & Systems LLC we make sure that doesn’t happen to you.



At ADS, we concept, design, manufacture, build, align and test the precision fixtures, giving you the peace of mind deserved. We start by listening to your process and understand your needs of a fixture for your parts. 3D Conceptual models of the precision fixtures are developed, making sure of form, fit and function before anything is ever built. Prototypes may be built before the actual build, reducing the overall risk to you. ADS also focuses on elimination of stiction (static friction) in the fixture by the use of the correct materials and or coatings. Sometimes we may integrate in sensors and actuators that will enable correct alignment each time of use.


Precision FixtureAdvance Design & Systems LLC have been known for precision, quality and performance in providing fixtures and precision machining. We guarantee our work to consistently give you quality and success. Each part in our fixture has been quality inspected for accuracy before the assembly even takes place.

We look forward to working with you on your precision fixturing requirements.

ADS also offers on-site fixture designing services to keep your intellectual property in house. We will bring our CAD to your door step and become a part of your team. We are always looking to be challenged. With our team approach, your part fixturing problems will be solved.
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